Getting Started with Nexploit CLI

Before You Begin

Before using the Nexploit CLI Quick Start, verify the following prerequisites:

Using the Nexploit CLI

To use the Nexploit CLI, follow these steps:

  1. To Install Nexploit CLI globally:
npm install @neuralegion/nexploit-cli -g

You can validate the installation by going to the directory of your project and running the following command:

nexploit-cli -h

This command displays a list of possible commands for the Nexploit CLI.

  1. Activate the Repeater, as follows:
    nexploit-cli repeater --token $AUTH_TOKEN --id $REPEATER_ID --cluster                  
  1. Start a new scan with a crawler, as follows:
    nexploit-cli scan:run --token $AUTH_TOKEN --repeater $REPEATER_ID --name "My First Scan" --project $PROJECT_ID --crawler "" --smart

This command initializes a new scan engine in the cloud, which begins scanning the target via the local Repeater.

  1. View the scan results. You can follow the scan status in the NeuraLegion App or by using the Nexploit CLI polling command.

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