What is Nexploit?

Helping you create more secure software

NeuraLegion’s Nexploit is a Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) solution powered by modern scanning technologies. With its effective automation and integration capabilities, Nexploit allows developers to scan multiple targets, uncover security vulnerabilities without false positives, get detailed reports on every finding, and quickly fix security issues by following the remediation guidelines.


Nexploit is built to solve the core security tasks of your applications and APIs:

  • 👾Finding Vulnerabilities (Issues) – As well as finding OWASP Top 10 technical issues (and much more) in your applications, NexPloit’s AI Engine automatically detects unknown Zero-Day and Business-Logic Flow issues, reducing lengthy and costly manual testing, as well as providing False Positive Free reporting and remediation guidelines.

  • 🚀Security Testing Automation – Nexploit enables seamless integration into your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). As the only solution that has automated the Zero-Day detection, our False Positive Free reports are generated in real-time, with pinpoint code instrumentation, empowering your DevOps to the highest security standards, without losing development speed or agility.

  • 🔐Security Standard Compliance – Nexploit provides you with a comprehensive scanning flow which simplifies your compliance validation process and provides instant reports on identified issues that accelerate your confirmation process. Nexploit enables you to firmly comply with the standards of OWASP Top 10 technical issues, ISO/IEC 27001, PCI DSS, CWE/SANS, and more.

Interaction Options

Nexploit provides the following options for interacting with its engine. All of these can be used for all Nexploit deployment options (SaaS, Private Cloud, On-Premises Repeater).

  • Nexploit Web UI – See Quickstart for a quick workflow overview of how to use the Nexploit Web UI.
  • Nexploit CLI – See Getting Started with Nexploit CLI for a quick instruction on how to start with the Nexploit CLI.
  • Nexploit REST API – See About Nexploit API for the reference to the Nexploit API guide.

Integration Capabilities

You can integrate Nexploit with your development and management tools to simplify and automate the process of testing your applications and APIs. You can start scans, view detailed reports on every detected vulnerability, as well as solve security issues without leaving your development environment.

Nexploit enables you to configure integration with your CI pipelines or ticketing systems by using the Nexploit web UI, CLI or API. To simplify access the Nexploit account, you can also use the Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities. Some integrations require valid predefined API keys that you should create in Nexploit.

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