You can connect your Jira project board to a Nexploit scan to get all the discovered issues on automatically created Jira tickets. Nexploit opens each new ticket for one specific issue and provides the following information:
  • Issue severity level
  • Details of discovery
  • Possible exposure
  • Remediation suggestions
For each new scan, you can select any of your Jira projects integrated with your Nexploit projects.



If your Jira project sets any required fields for all task tickets (for example, components), then NeuraLegion will not be able to open tickets for detected issues, since it cannot complete the required fields. Please check your project settings and change them if necessary.


Step-by-Step Guide

Connect NeuraLegion to Your Jira Account

  1. Go to the NeuraLegion App.
  2. In the left pane, select Organization.
  3. On the Organization page, scroll down to the TICKET MANAGEMENT INTEGRATION section.
  1. Click next to Jira, and then select Settings.
  1. On the JIRA INTEGRATION CONFIG popup, do one of the following:
  • If you are using the Atlassian Jira Cloud, select the Cloud Jira radio button. Then enter your Jira details and API token in the relative fields, and click Save.



For security purposes, make sure to use the API token of a specific Jira profile (not the Admin/Organization level).

        The NeuraLegion connection to the Jira is enabled that is indicated in the Enabled column. At that, the Connectivity
        column indicates a local Jira Server connection status.

  • If you are using a local Jira Server, select the On-Premise Jira radio button. In the Access Key field, copy an automatically generated INTEGRATION_ACCESS_KEY and switch to the NeuraLegion CLI to proceed with the NeuraLegion connection to your On-Premise Jira.

       To find the information on how to connect NeuraLegion to the On-Premise Jira via the NeuraLegion CLI, see
        Integrating with a Service.

       After you perform the connection via the NeuraLegion CLI, the TICKET MANAGEMENT INTEGRATION section in the
       NeuraLegion Appindicates the Connected status of the On-Premise Jira. At that, the Enabled column indicates a general
       Jira connection status.

Configure Jira Integration with NeuraLegion Projects

After you have connected NeuraLegion to your Cloud or On-Premise Jira, you need to integrate one or multiple Jira projects with the NeuraLegion project to be used for a scan. The integration allows NeuraLegion to automatically provide the scan reports on the associated Jira boards. Moreover, you can select a certain severity level of issues (findings) to be sent to the boards associated with your NeuraLegion project.

To integrate a specific NeuraLegion project with your Jira project(s), follow these steps.

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