Review Scan History

Scan history shows the history of the runs of a specific scan. This view enables you to see the status, results and settings of each run and the next scheduled run of the original scan.

Each run may have a different status and different results. Reviewing the details of each run may provide insight into the trends of findings and scanning results for your organization.

The settings of future scheduled scans can be modified, while retaining the same scan history view.



The Scans page shows a single row with the latest status for each scan. The Scan History page shows the list of all runs of a specific scan.

View Scan History

To open the scan history, follow these steps:

  1. From the scans list, select the scan the history of which you want to view. The scan history icon on the right side of the row indicates the quantity of runs of this scan.
    If a scan has not been retested, then this icon is disabled , meaning that there is no scan history. The details of such scans can be viewed directly from the scans list.
  2. To open the history of the selected scan, click above the scan name.



Most features of the Scan history page (such as filtering, sorting and selecting columns) are the same as on the Scans page. But the New Scan button only appears on the Scans page.

View Scan History List

The scan history list shows all runs of the selected scan.

The next scheduled run (with the Scheduled status) or the most recent run appears at the top of the list.

The name of the selected scan and its start time appear at the top left of this page.



The entire history of the scan runs is retained on the Scan History page unless you delete it.

View Scan History Details

The same scan results and settings as for a single scan in the MY SCANS list can be displayed for each scan run in the SCAN HISTORY list.

To display the details of a scan run, click any place in the relative row and proceed to the Reviewing Scan Details section.

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