Scan API Endpoints

To scan API endpoints using a predefined schema, follow these steps:

  1. Select Open API in the Discovery Type section to use either an Open API specification (Swagger) or a Postman collection: *.yml / *.yaml / *.json.



NeuraLegion supports the following versions of the API schemas: Swagger 2+, OpenAPI 3+, Postman 2+. To ensure proper scanning of an API, you must configure the schema according to the general specification and specific NeuraLegion requirements. Find more information about the configuration validation here.

  1. Select whether to scan an Open API specification or a Postman collection.
  2. Fill in the required extra headers for your scan. To add more than one, use the button on the right. If you selected to scan a Postman collection, then you have the option to add the relevant variables.
  1. Select the file with a schema to scan. You can either upload a file from your computer by clicking or from the NeuraLegion storage by clicking . You can also import a schema from a cloud by specifying the relative URL.

Once you have uploaded a schema file, the Shema Editor tab appears in the left pane. Use this tab to modify the uploaded schema before running a scan.

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